Hello! I'm Scott Tracey, the author of the WITCH EYES series. Braden, a boy cursed with a powerful magic that's killing him, runs away to Belle Dam, a city in the Pacific Northwest. While falling for a boy who seems to be all wrong for him, he gets caught in the middle of a family feud that will either destroy him, or everything he loves

I have another series, beginning with MOONSET, focusing on the children of warlock terrorists who struggle against their parents legacy while also fighting their own capacity for darkness. The second book, DARKBOUND, came on on April 8th.

This blog will mostly be filled with sarcasm, architecture, design, and people who are pretty.


Though the majority of the villains are men, Orphan Black is not the story of women vs. men. (Even Helena, who represents the most radical form of feminism, sweetly dubs Felix “brother sestra.”) Instead, Orphan Black is about women vs. the system. While the men are nothing more than empty suits, the misogynist system they’re a part of gives them power. Leekie’s idea to reduce women to man-made synthetic wombs, Duncan’s project of creating an endless supply of “little girls,” Henrik’s religious rape — these ideas, not the men, are the real threats. And since the men who run these projects have wealth and institution on their side, they are able to provide real road blocks to the clones, even though the women are far more intelligent and proficient.

TV’s Most Important Political Debate Is Happening Right Now on Orphan Black (X)

This though

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It’s a noir world. Unfair things happen.

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prettyoddanddapper asked
Hi! I was just wondering if you had a certain picture in mind while creating Braden? I do have a blurred picture of his appearance in my head when I'm reading but somehow I keep losing it from chapter to chapter.(Or let's say it keeps changing...) Loved Witch Eyes btw!

Do you mean like a certain actor?  Or just the visual stuff?  

I tried to leave it pretty vague for the most part, to allow people to come up with their own interpretation. When I was writing, I would sometimes just randomly look for pictures of teen guys wearing sunglasses for inspiration, rather than particular people. My general view is that he’s average height, dark brown hair, scrawny and a little sickly (depending on what part of the series you’re in). And of course there’s the sunglasses 24/7.

I’ve bounced around for years on actors for Braden. I just want it noted, though, that I totally called Dylan O’Brien long before he got cast in the Maze Runner or Teen Wolf became super popular with the masses. I’ve also used Callan McAuliffe or Ryan McGinnis from Ugly Betty in the past.

And thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it! :)


why do i keep laughing at the thought of female!spiderman…(spidergirl? spiderwoman?) getting caught without her mask on and the dude who catches her just goes on a rant about ‘fake geek girls’ and how ‘that costume isn’t even accurate oh my god’ and ‘comic-con was last week’

and her secret identity is saved because some dudebro in a batman t-shirt thinks he’s hot shit